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    Bridal nails.
    Intricate rose bloom inlay.
    She sells seashells on the seashore.
    The process of creating lovely inlay nails.
    Embossed roses on funky black wallpaper background...
    Pasta cooked by my Italian.
    Tags replied!!!
    French acrylics with pretty blossoms
    I need your advice!!! (and inlay nails)

    Friday, October 30, 2009, 2:19 PM
    A complilation of my top fifteen favourites (and of course most popular)!!!!

    Okay, I spent some time looking at my nail work archives and picked fifteen (initially 10 but since i had too many, i had to raise it to 15) of my absolute favourites!! Some readers who are new to this blog might not have seen some of these works before (As i used to post on So here goes!!

    I thought this set was very unique, I loved the ribbon and loved how had to figure out how to create it. The assorted flowers no less were really pretty and a pleasure to do.


    If i had to name top ten most popular sets, this would definitely be the top of the list!!!
    I remember doing this set when I came back from Japan with a whole bunch of loot to play with. Of course eventually i created this! All the BLING!


    No. 3
    This was another really popular set, also another one of my favourites.
    The handpainted black lace chevron background with embossed roses and of course pretty shiny embellishments.


    This is a really pretty set, didn't put much embellishments but made the embossed flowers stand out on their own instead. I love the roses, mixed white and hot pink acrylic powder to achieve the shading on the flowers.


    HAHA. How can anyone who has seen this EVER forget this set?!

    Birthday cake for the birthday girl. Made the fruits, cake, chocolate from scratch. Believe it or not, she came back with the cake intact 3 weeks later.


    No. 6
    Ahhhh. The cushion roses. I can't remember how I came up with the idea of making cushions from acrylic powder. I must have seen something that inspired me.
    Roses were stuck on, purchased ready made. The rest of the flowers and ribbons, cushions were all handmade.


    This is a gorgeous, elegant set. Took a lot of time to do, but effort and time spent was well worth it.


    This is a big favourite of mine!! I remember adjusting the colours on my airbrush to create the air-brushed rainbow tone on the background, creating the happy-faced sun, and the hibiscus flower up till today is one of my favourite flowers to do. I have created many variations of the hibiscus. :D


    No. 9
    Who can forget the reign of the dougnuts and cupcake and eclairs?!


    No. 10
    I just love this set to death. I always look at it and admire the roses, and the rose ribbon I created. I think I was a lot more creative in the past. Monotony has killed most of my brain cells.


    The quintessential bridal set. French tips with floral blooms, crystal and pearl embellishments.


    No. 12
    The crystal galore. Design was from the Nail Max X Pinky girls issue. I wore it for 2008 CNY. Rolled up acrylic roses, crystals, pearls, bullion beads, little satin ribbons. The design to date remains one of my most popular. And I have included the 'full' version on it below this 'french tip' version.


    Full version.


    No. 13
    Now now, let Hello Kitty take over this crazy bling. Picked this favourite one of mine from the COUNTLESS sets of HK nails that i've done. This is a medley of designs i've done. The wall-paperish painted rose background, the frills, the 'pillow flowers' the giant heart. Very fitting for a HK design. Any Hello Kitty fan would be pleased.


    The wall paper design. haha. Really popular set. Blue painted stripes and pink embossed roses.


    Last but not least....

    The vintage-y set i created with an assortment of pearls, crystals and ready made embellishments plus of course hand folded flowers.

    Two pics I have included, of the fingers and the thumbs.


    The thumbs..


    Oh I absolutely HAVE to include this one in a special spot. The 16th favourite. My head banner. The folded roses.
    I love it to bits, which obviously explains why I put it as my blog head.


    I hope you have enjoyed this compilation of my top 15 (16) favourites, as much as I have enjoyed putting them together. Putting them together brought back many fond memories for me!

    Gotta run for appointment now!

    Peace out!

    Your friendly Nail Guru