PNH has moved!!! Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction #02-01 (within jeric salon)


Petit Nail House has been beautifying nails since 2006. Licensed by the Japan Nailist Association (JNA), specializing in acrylics and elaborate nail art, we also offer simple treatments and therapy to soothe the tired hands and feet. You will always leave PNH with fabulous looking nails!

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You can find us beautifying nails in Jeric Salon@ Bugis Junction unit 02-01 (within Jeric Salon, yes you can now get your hair and nails done at the same time!)

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By Train

Bugis Junction is situated right next to Bugis MRT station

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Mobile no: +65 96714115


Skype ID: mamiclackie

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    Petit Nail Diary's new home!

    Thursday, January 8, 2009, 2:51 PM
    I'm a headless chicken.

    I feel like i'm a headless chicken with all the things piling up to do, which i haven't done. Gosh! I need a break now!
    Which i'm getting. hehe. will be away from 10th to 12th short trip to bkk with my family.
    Chinese new year slots are seriously filling up. So if you haven't gotten an appointment, the week leading up to cny is already full. :( Reminder that CNY surcharges are $10/basic service. Surcharge starts from the 13th of january. (nail art is not considered a basic service.)

    Let me repeat. I'm not moving to mhd sultan.

    I have moved to 21 club street #02-09 above the delectable Senso restaurant. Please take note and if you have an appointment please DON'T go to the holland village address. Smses will be sent out soon, pardon the long wait as I have very very much to do and i'm on my own!
    Photobucket is kind of lagging right now, so i can't seem to upload any pics right now. Will do so soon.
    Something random.
    I, like the rest of the squealing female population of the world, am absolutely drooling and fantasising over Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen. The uber hot vampire from the Twilight saga.

    HE IS HOT. Seriously burning, temperature bursting through the roof, lava bubbling, my amah's chicken curry HOT. (sorry amah. your chicken curry cannot even beat this.)

    These two have to be the hottest on/off-screen couple EVER!

    ARRRRGH! The Twilight saga teaches us a lesson. The lesson of, Every girl deserves a super hot boyfriend. period. If you read the books, you will know that bella swan isn't supposed to be as good looking as the onscreen bella. But the both of them, are undeniably HAWT. end of story.

    Nail guru is still oogling at edward cullen photos.