PNH has moved!!! Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction #02-01 (within jeric salon)


Petit Nail House has been beautifying nails since 2006. Licensed by the Japan Nailist Association (JNA), specializing in acrylics and elaborate nail art, we also offer simple treatments and therapy to soothe the tired hands and feet. You will always leave PNH with fabulous looking nails!

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You can find us beautifying nails in Jeric Salon@ Bugis Junction unit 02-01 (within Jeric Salon, yes you can now get your hair and nails done at the same time!)

How to get to PNH
By Train

Bugis Junction is situated right next to Bugis MRT station

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Mobile no: +65 96714115


Skype ID: mamiclackie

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    Saturday, January 2, 2010, 3:00 PM
    Happy 2010!!!!!

    I know its a day late. But. WHATEVER. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! HAPPY 2010!!!!

    I've just been waaaaay too busy to pay attention to my web space. I've been so busy with appointments, the festive season is here, my boyfriend's family is here so i've had to take them around, and of course also juggling with the shop move again!

    I've not found a suitable shop space for myself so I'm still with Jeric Salon. They have since closed the Central @ Clarkequay outlet and moved it to the Bugis Junction branch. So i'm now located at bugis junction on the 2nd floor Jeric salon. So please, appointments after 1st jan head to bugis!!!

    ok i'm really busy now. So i'll be back in a bit. toodles people